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Rosatom presents import-independent CAE-class digital product for industrial enterprises

On October 14, 2022, as part of the forum Russian Energy Week 2022, Rosatom State Corporation presented a new CAE-class digital product - a model-oriented environment for design and mathematical modeling REPEAT (Real-time Platform for Engineering Automated Technologies) to enterprises of the domestic energy industry.
The presentation took place within the panel session "Made in Russia: the Value of New Model-Oriented Design Environment for Industrial and Power Engineering Enterprises" of Rosatom which united REPEAT software developers, representatives of high-tech industrial enterprises as well as young IT specialists who study Russian industrial software to support import substitution in production.

The session demonstrated the cloud version of REPEAT and the possibilities of mathematical modeling of processes in a gas turbine unit in the PC version.

REPEAT is a fully import-independent development of ITC GET JSC (part of JSC Rusatom Service, Rosatom State Corporation). The software product is designed to create mathematical models of complex plants and processes in the energy sector, including the creation of digital twins.

Its application contributes to increased efficiency of power facilities, reduced cost of production processes, reduced outages and unforeseen accidents. It enables to develop the models of energy facilities and processes, create digital twins, design more efficient power facilities, reduce the cost of production processes and outages and incidents, as well as to conduct virtual tests of equipment being designed.
The efforts of the REPEAT project team were aimed at creating a software product with operating features corresponding to the global quality level and able to compete with the Western counterparts which left the Russian market.

The creation of the digital product was accompanied by the higher education training of specialists with digital competences and skills to work with REPEAT and other domestic engineering IT-systems in order to use them in production. Thus, this September the Kazan State Energy University and Tomsk Polytechnic University launched the Simulation School to start the first centers of the established network of ITC GET JSC engineering and mathematical schools. Training at the centers is based on REPEAT software package, and the simulator provided by KSEU will enable future engineers to obtain skills in NPP operation, knowledge in design and engineering.

"Rosatom is building an ecosystem of mathematical modeling software products that will enable to solve the widest possible range of industrial tasks. By doing so, we seek to ensure the operability of our SAE products for different types of industries. Logos and REPEAT are the absolute flagships of this ecosystem.

If it is supplemented by efforts of the Consortium of Russian developers and consumers of CAD/CAE solutions established at the discretion of Rosatom State Corporation, by the end of 2024 we expect the functions demanded by the industry to be covered by 100% in relation to foreign leaders, and by the end of 2027 we plan to reach a sustainable superiority. It is an achievable goal," said Dmitry Fomichev, Director of Mathematical Modeling of Rosatom State Corporation, Advisor to the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, when opening the session.

Alexei Kovalevich, Managing Director of ITC GET JSC, emphasized the value of REPEAT in the context of national goals during the presentation of the product: "Today the country is facing the task of creating a new technological landscape, which is based on import-independence, leadership of domestic producers, and developed digital skills. As a Russian digital product with a wide range of functional components, REPEAT fully meets these requirements and has sufficient potential to participate in establishing of Russian technological sovereignty.

"We consider REPEAT to be an effective tool for ensuring the technological sovereignty of Russia in the future. Thanks to the implemented functional components - cloud infrastructure with flexible access via Web-browser or application from any device, built-in parallel computing library, data and model integration - the product can become exceptionally valuable for industrial enterprises," pointed out Sergey Boukreev, Technical Director of ITC GET JSC.

"Today, Rosatom's digital product base has been enriched with REPEAT, the first product in the digital line of the Rusatom Service JSC group of companies. Given the task of strengthening technological sovereignty, the launch of REPEAT is the first step in building skills in the field of replication and gradual transition to domestic engineering software. Decades of experience of mathematical modeling accumulated by Engineering Center GET open up horizons for the company to develop in a new reality. We are facing ambitious tasks to create a mathematical modeling ecosystem for partners and we expect REPEAT to play a fundamental role in this process", commented Yuri Stepanov, Head of the Digitalization Project Office at Rusatom Service JSC, on the launch of REPEAT.

Participants of the panel session discussed plans to integrate REPEAT into the operation of industrial enterprises, noting the promising application of REPEAT capabilities outside the nuclear industry.


Rosatom State Corporation is a global process-oriented multifunctional holding combining assets in power engineering, machine building, and construction. It includes over 350 enterprises and organizations that employ 290 thousand people. Since 2018, it has been implementing the Unified Digital Strategy (UDS), which involves extensive work in a number of areas. In the area of "Participation in Digitalization of the Russian Federation" it is the center of competence of the federal project "Digital Technologies" of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation"; it is responsible for the creation of a quantum computer in Russia by 2024; together with Rostec State Corporation, it is a co-executor of the roadmap for development of high-tech area "New Production Technologies". In the digital products area, it develops and brings digital products for industrial enterprises to market with its portfolio being comprised of over 70 digital products. In the area of "Internal Digitalization", it provides digitalization of NPP construction processes, digital import substitution and creation of the Unified Digital Platform of the nuclear industry. Also as part of the Unified Digital Strategy, Rosatom is working to develop cross-cutting digital technologies, including data processing technologies, Internet of Things, manufacturing technologies, virtual and augmented reality, neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence, wireless communication technologies, robotics and sensorics, etc.

Rusatom Service JSC is a member of the Electric Power Division of Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides services to power facilities in various sectors of the energy industry. The company operates in almost every country with operating VVER NPP outside Russia.

The geography of Rusatom Service JSC projects covers more than 15 countries, from Europe to Asia. The references of Rusatom Service JSC include comprehensive projects for life extension, maintenance and repair, supply of equipment and spares, nuclear infrastructure, consulting services and training.

As part of the Robotics business line, the company offers services in design and manufacture of robotic systems and other non-standard equipment for nuclear industry enterprises and beyond.

Engineering and Technology Center GET JSC (part of Rusatom Service JSC) is a leader in the simulation engineering and mathematical modeling for NPP and TPP. The company’s scope of activities includes testing of process algorithms of the designed power units, research of human-machine interface, development of accident support systems for NPP operating personnel.

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