Anti-Corruption Policy

The program is aimed at preventing and reducing the damage from the risks of theft of Rosatom assets and, as a result, at increasing Rosatom competitiveness.


If you become aware of committed (prepared) corruption offenses or any actions violating property rights and other rights and legitimate interests of Rosatom SC by employees of Rosatom SC or nuclear industry organizations, you can report it using special-purpose hotline communication channels, including

8 (800) 100 0707
POB 226, Moscow, 119017


The above communication channels are related to the Asset Protection Department of Rusatom Service JSC, the management company of ETC GET JSC, and the Asset Protection Department of Rosatom State Corporation.

Applicants are guaranteed the independent review of any communication, as well as non-disclosure of information source.

Anonymous appeals are also considered.

Corruption and other offenses include bribe giving, bribe taking, abuse of power, commercial bribery, other illegal use the official position by a natural person contrary to the legitimate interests of the society and the state in order to obtain a benefit in the form of money, valuables, other property or property-related services, other property rights for oneself or for the third parties or illegal provision of such benefit to the above person by other individuals, as well as the above acts committed on behalf or for the benefit of a legal entity and other actions (inaction) and/or decisions of officials affecting the rights and lawful interests of Rosatom State Corporation and/or its organizations.