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The School of Simulation of ETC GET JSC trains engineers to work with simulation technology that the company have been using for over 30 years.
School of Simulation
Simulators for universities

School of Simulation

The School of Simulation of ETC GET JSC is intended to address a wide range of issues:

Shortage of mathematical modeling software engineers against the background of expanded company's activities in other industries;

Reduced time of software tools mastering;

Reduced time of adaptation of young professionals in the company’s industrial environment;

The influx of newcomers, and therefore fresh ideas for development and improvement of the company’s technology.

One of the goals of the School of Simulation is to find and select students who have an aptitude for analytical thinking and are interested in physics and simulation.

The School of Simulation is a great opportunity to start your career in Rosatom SC!

Opening of the first School of Simulation at KSEU
Opening of the first School of Simulation at KSEU

Simulators for universities

Engineering and Technology Center GET JSC supplies analytical (multifunctional) simulators (AT) to higher educational institutions.

Analytical (multifunctional) simulator (AS) is a software and hardware simulation system designed to train the operating personnel and maintain their skills using a full-scale mathematical model of the power unit operating in real time. 

- SaaS (Software as a Service)

ETC GET JSC provides customers with a unique opportunity to get the simulators by subscription through remote access.

- Try Buy

If you wish, you can try out a standard simulator provided by ETC GET JSC for a limited time.